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We, at Harry Padam Photography want to and wish that you have the perfect wedding and we want to capture those perfect moments of your wedding day and make that moment so special that you will remember for the rest of your happy and beautiful life. So, to provide you with such a beautiful experience we have trained ourselves and taken great care in our skill set especially when it comes to the diversity of Indian Weddings and we have made that diversity our specialty. We take great care that no matter which kind of wedding you have, we have the ability to capture those priceless moments in your life that you want to cherish.

Our services consist of capturing these beautiful moments in your wedding and we make sure that when we put together these moments you can show others a fairy tale of your own love story. Wedding is a beautiful and holy ceremony for a lot people, and people have a lot of different beliefs and certain likes and certain dislikes.

We see to it that we can understand each and every minute detail and we respect your likes, dislikes and your beliefs and our expertise and services won’t have anything that you don’t like or is against your belief. We have trained ourselves in all the different Indian Weddings, from the grand South Indian Weddings to the Colorful North Indian Weddings, no matter which type of wedding you are having we are perfectly equipped to capture all your beautiful and cherish-able moments in your life.


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