We cherish weddings! What’s more, we cherish shooting weddings! During our time of involvement, we know the intricate details of a big day. Furthermore, we know exactly how uncommon it is for a lady. It’s the day you’ve been envisioning about for quite a long time, the day when every one of your arrangements meet up in a wonderful service. It’s your day!

Lehenga Shot

We know you’ve spent such a significant number of hours and days poring over marriage magazines, visiting boutiques, following wedding patterns and understanding that pullover fit juuust right. It is for that ideal lehenga for your big day. So why not let your picture taker takes that shot of your lehenga influencing in the breeze? We adore going on a chase for that particular place to hang our lady of the hour’s stunning lehengas and make it the star of the picture.

Getting Ready

We cherish catching the procedure of a young lady turning into a lady of the hour. It is one of the parts of your wedding story. This is additionally an ideal time for us to catch short lived feelings our lady of the hour’s experience before their wedding. It is her energy, anxiety, that lovely wedding sparkle all over. It’s additionally an incredible time to catch those close minutes with her family while she’s preparing. At the point when the lady of the hour’s sister encourages her put on her gems, or when the lady of the hour’s Mom settles that dupatta on her head. The expression on the dad’s face when he sees his girl out of the blue as a lady of the hour is inestimable!

Bridal Portrait

All your wedding arrangements for quite a long time have been paving the way to this minute – when you’re at long last dressed as a lady of the hour. Also, we cherish catching our ladies in the entirety of their transcendence! This is the place we set aside our own sweet opportunity to give you a picture that rises above time and patterns. We truly work towards making a picture that features the best of you on your extraordinary day.

Bridal Entry

Now that you’re all prepared, everyone’s eyes are sitting tight for you. As is our camera’s focal point! It’s very inspiring to catch the lady of the hour’s passage with her escort of friends and family. Each wedding passage is unique. Some stroll in with a phoolo ki chaadar overhead, some make a section while their family holds sparklers, or a few ladies pull out all the stops and enter in an excellent palki. At the point when everyone’s eyes are on her, each lady responds contrastingly too. Some become flushed and get timid, and some move and walk unhesitatingly through their entrances.


Vidaai functions are genuinely inspiring and to a great degree enthusiastic minutes in an Indian wedding. It’s an ambivalent minute as the lady of the hour says farewell to her family. We cherish how every one of the feelings simply burst forward amid a vidaai. It’s critical for us to catch this snapshot of extraordinary assessment as the lady of the hour abandons her family and friends and family.

Obviously, these are by all account not the only pictures we make for a lady on her big day. We go far and past to give our ladies what they need and merit. Each lady is one of a kind in her own specific manner and her wedding shots are made to suit her style. We recommend that whatever you do, ensure you take some time out for representations. This day won’t return again and we know as a matter of fact that you will love the recollections from this day forever.